Reader Testimonials

One of the most rewarding parts of writing Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World has been getting so many uplifting e-mails from people all over the world. Receiving such enthusiastic feedback has been both gratifying and humbling. Here are excerpts from the wonderful e-mails and reviews I’ve received. My thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed the book.

I have read many spiritual and self-improvement books and this book is one of the best. To me it is third only to the Bible and Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. Phil Bolsta has done an excellent job in writing this book. I highly recommend it to all truth seekers.
Clay Daves, Oceanside, California

Your book Through God’s Eyes is truly extraordinary and has become a permanent part of my daily spiritual reading routine. There is so much deep inspiration and spiritual nourishment in it! Unlike other anthologies of inspirational quotes, your own writing that connects the various texts is on the same high level, sometimes even more so, as the quoted passages. This book has become a favorite gift to give my friends and family. Everyone who has received it has praised and loved it. Thank you for this wonderful gift that you have given all of us.
Alberto Bird, New York City

Thank you for your book, Through God’s Eyes. Every page feels like rain from heaven. I have never read such a book. So much wisdom. I am glad you put it in my hands.
Rosalina Gonzales, Carlsbad, California

I have found in this book a rich, spirited source of uplift and assurance for myself and for others. I lent it out before reading it from cover to cover, having recognized early on its enormous value for people struggling with existential and spiritual issues.

It is readily accessible, and notably to those who shy away from organized religion but are longing for connection with the divine qualities that are our birthright, but have been lost along the way.

I love it, and am filled with gratitude to the inspired author, Phil Bolsta.
Briar Haven Samuels, a trauma counselor in New Zealand

I am rereading my book for the third time, and each page delivers a beautiful message to me—a message of wisdom, compassion, encouragement, forgiveness, and HOPE. Phil Bolsta’s book has been an important and empowering healing tool for me on my healing journey. Whether I have turned to it in desperation or for affirmation, it has never let me down. I have read hundreds of healing, self-help, and spiritual guidance books; this book has been life-changing and life-saving. Thank you, Phil, for sharing hope, love, and light with the world.
Cheryl N., Minnesota

Through God’s Eyes is filled with priceless gems of wisdom and inspiration from sages, saints, and other legendary figures from many ages. You can measure the skill, artistry, and soulful connection of the author by the way his words impact your life. They strike at your very core. I have written some of his thoughts on Post-it Notes and placed them in strategic places throughout my home to uplift me and remind me of what is truly important. This book is not just inspirational; it’s also very practical. You’ll find a strong, loving, and satisfying resolution to many of life’s most pressing problems. The title of the book is Through God’s Eyes but you’ll find that the author’s ability to weave together his profoundly enriching commentary with inspired quotes from great thinkers throughout history will actually provide a momentary glimpse into the very heart of God.
Lew B., Carlsbad, California

Through God’s Eyes is a deep and profound spiritual journey that not only inspires, but guides, and allows us to realize that it is through a power beyond ourselves—a belief, a vision, a reflection of faith, hope, and love—which ultimately helps us become the best version of ourselves! Thank you, Phil, for sharing this with the world! And thank you for all of the great quotes!
Nguyen Dennen, Amazon Reviewer

If the world is ending and you can only run out the door with one book, this would be the one to take. Why? Because it contains wisdom from around the world from humanity’s finest. A charming narrator guides you through this journey of quotations and pearls, quips, and answers to how to live life well from Saints and Sinners all. Along with sharing his personal experiences, there are challenging questions for self-reflection. The book reads like a long conversation and a reference book all in one. I highly recommend it for writers and novelists, bloggers, twitterists, and spiritual seekers who love quotes to meditate on and post on Instagram. Will there be Instagram when the world is ending? I hope so! Buy this book so you can keep posting. Also buy it because it is one of the biggest, thickest books I have ever owned and if you hug it, it hugs you back.
Boa Boa, Amazon Reviewer

Russ and I looked at your book more carefully this morning, and we were both amazed at the scope of it. Just the sheer task of gathering the material from so many sources and then organizing it into the separate themes of the chapter headings boggles my mind. I can see how this must have taken years to put together. It’s not just a compilation of others’ thoughts but your own interwoven one-by-one between theirs.

I’ve been listening to classical music lately through a music-appreciation class I’ve been taking. This book reminds me of a composer writing a symphony—setting down on musical notation paper all the thousands of notes that all the different instruments will play. I can’t begin to understand how such a mind would work to be able to do that, and I feel the same way about your book!

I thought the cover was so inspiring too. I really imagined it was a closeup photo of a human eye until I read inside that it was a nebula! What a great idea. Russ and I will both appreciate this book for many years to come. We like to read each other inspiring stories regularly as a way to connect and relax in the evenings since we don’t watch television. We can pick this up and just open it at random and find something beautiful to enjoy together. It’s a book to treasure, one paragraph or page at a time.
Rita, Encinitas, Californi

It was so great to meet you last night at your book reading! The reading from your book was absolutely beautiful, and I truly appreciated the great discussion that followed. As I was walking into my apartment last night, with great anticipation to dive into your book, I glanced down at the cover and had a realization. I knew, without a doubt, that the reading of this book is going to change my life. It was a lovely moment, and I’m so grateful. So thank you, thank you for all you’ve already added to my life in such a short time! I began reading your book last night before bed, and I woke up this morning with a new perspective. I have fresh eyes, my heart is more open, my gratitude has expanded, and my faith heightened.
Aerica Benson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Through God’s Eyes is a transformational book. After reading the chapter, “See Every Moment as a Gift,” I found myself not feeling so hung up in the drama of life. Instead, I saw that everything that happens to me presents an opportunity to learn valuable life lessons. After many such “Aha!” moments, I realized that this book was a catalyst that would help me make substantial changes. I already feel clearer and happier and so thankful to be drawing even closer to God. This book is worth its weight in gold!
Julie Briggs, Encinitas, California

Oh, my gosh, Phil, having read through your table of contents and the chapter on adversity, I am so touched. You have a way of speaking so intimately and warmly as you connect us in the human community in our common experiences — from Rumi to Dolly Parton. It’s as though you and I and all other readers have been walking the same spiritual path for all our years. Definitely to me a book of beauty. Reading it, I felt like I had a friend in the room.
Turiya Grace, Columbus, Ohio

I’m an avid reader and seldom write reviews, but this book is worth reviewing. Through God’s Eyes examines and explains the complexity of the human condition with distilled, relentless eloquence. The words in this book pop off the page and speak to the heart of the matter on so many important issues. It’s unique.

Do you have a dear friend going through a difficult time? Do you need a perfect graduation gift? Does your child need fodder for a college essay? Or maybe you need to do something kind for yourself. This book is compassionate and multidimensional. It doesn’t matter if you are a Montague or Capulet, Democrat or Republican—this book is generous, instructive, and illuminating. It can even give you a kick in the butt when you need it.
Heidi Stokes, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I am so grateful for the copy of Through God’s Eyes you sent me. I will let you have photos of how I have marked quotes, highlighted your comments, wrote in it, etc. It’s a work of art. I am finding my way. I know it has always been there but now I see more clearly.
Jeanine Simpson, Cape Town, South Africa

The best books contain unexpected delights, surprises that enrich the soul and also give us hope. This is a book about finding peace and purpose through the waves of life. I call this book my “modern day 8 ball.” I love asking it a question and opening to a page for my response. I always find true inspiration and am so grateful Phil has shared his wonderful creation with all of us.
Mindy Nye, Santa Monica, California

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Through God’s Eyes is composed of transformative truth and wisdom for the ages. For those seeking answers and guidance in our chaotic world, there is no better sourcebook for the soul. It is so eloquently written and organized that, if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was an example of divine intervention! A person who isn’t on a spiritual journey will WANT to be after reading a few pages! It brings THAT much clarity. Phil Bolsta’s book has become my spiritual bible, always at my bedside.
Holly Schroeder, LaPorte, Indiana

Through God’s Eyes is a spiritual wonder, giving the seeker a path to find an answer, beginning, or seed in which to grow. I was thrilled to discover a chapter in the book (one of so many) dealing with a like situation currently beating me down. Through Phil Bolsta’s guidance in finding The Divine also came an answer to help overcome my suffering. Through God’s Eyes, a gift from my longtime therapist, sits next to my chair at all times as it is a book you can pick up randomly and find gifts and comfort from throughout the ages.
Sallee Gaines Lang, Mariposa, California

Through God’s Eyes is one of the most remarkable compilations of the world’s wisdom ever put between two covers. It’s a comprehensive collection of spiritual wisdom from across the ages, and from many different disciplines and philosophies. Phil has done an incredible job of breaking down spiritual issues and principles into categories, and then finding the right quotes from sages, mystics, philosophers, and others to illuminate those categories and provide an answer to virtually any question one could pose. Phil contributes his own insights as well and they are right on, echoing and paraphrasing a collection of wisdom unsurpassed in my reading. So it’s big. And it’s inspired. As a longtime disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, I hear his voice in Phil’s commentary in every chapter. I highly recommend Through God’s Eyes to all who would like to own a comprehensive spiritual directory that covers millennia of this planet’s wisdom.
Andy Ridinger, Haiku, Hawaii

Your book is so special. In my role as a psychotherapist, I’ve had many different clients read chapters that helped them develop a much better attitude with their issues. For me, personally, in a time of much change, the chapter, “The Illusion of External Security,” was just what I needed to get grounded again and cling to God as the One Source. My inner peace came back, prayers were answered, and positive things started to happen again in my world. I only wish your book was small enough to carry with me everywhere. I keep thinking of people I want to give it to as a gift.
Nancy Williamson, Encinitas, California

Phil’s book, Through God’s Eyes, has kept me and will keep me on the spiritual path. I have known suffering, and the quotes and insights in this book aid me in staying on course rather than falling into judgment of others. Through God’s Eyes has shown me the light where before I only saw darkness. It provides clear, easy-to-understand perspectives on various troubling situations and conflicts and allows the reader to find the peace and acceptance that we all seek. This will be my bedside read for years to come. If you want more contentment, more joy, and less drama in your life, this is the book for you. It’s not a religious book, but a spiritual book filled with wisdom that you can apply to your everyday life. I have purchased three copies as gifts as well as the e-book. Thanks, Phil. Peace begins with me.
Dorothy Shelton, Barrie, Ontario

The author has taken what could have been a lifetime of individual research and reading and gathered the best thoughts, quotes, and values and packaged them in one wonderful volume of LOVE. It is a book that you can pick up and randomly open to read any page; it is all treasure waiting to be discovered by the reader! Phil Bolsta has harvested and culled the “LIGHT” from other great thinkers, sages, and saints. It is a joy to read and reflect on each small piece of this book. I suggest a slow reading of the book—savor it and meditate on what you have just read so you can more fully absorb and reflect on the wisdom in your hands.
W. H. McDonald Jr., Sacramento, California

The moment I found out you had published this book I knew I had to have it. I gave a copy to my sister for her birthday, to several good friends, and also to my favorite doctor, who is from India. I had told my doctor about the book and told him it was going to be autographed by you. When I brought it in to his office, his eyes were as big as saucers. He kept asking me, “How do you know this man? How did you meet this man? How did you get this man to write in the book for me?” I giggled and opened the back and said, “Look back here.” I had it open to the pages of quotes from Paramahansa Yogananda. I then pointed out several others and he was just amazed. I told him he could keep it in his office and read it while he listened to music and he told me he had to take it home and show his wife; his wife and children now read it daily. Truly a wonderful gift for a wonderful doctor. I think it was the best gift I’ve ever given
 to my friends. I am so thankful that I met you, Phil. This book of yours is amazing and a treasure that I will cherish forever. It is a gift I gave myself and then gave to others. I would highly recommend Through God’s Eyes. I love love love this book! Everyone should have a copy and one for a friend. It is one of a kind.
Paula Herman, Norwalk, California

The format of this book is unique, weaving together spiritual and wisdom quotes from the ages via author Phil Bolsta’s own astute and insightful writing. Prior to writing this review, I opened the book at random to pages 260 and 261 where we find nine insightful quotes by the likes of Einstein, Churchill, Chopra, Rainer Maria Rilke, Vaclav Havel, Marcia Wieder and Henri F. Amiel. They are outstanding quotes under the heading of “Answering the Call.” Interspersed with each of them is the counterpoint of Bolsta’s own salient quotations. Here are two of them: “The prize is not the culmination of your work, but the work itself. With discipline and devotion, you faithfully answer the call that you alone can hear.” “Make plans but stay flexible. Practice stillness, presence, and infinite patience, for the road ahead flows through uncharted territory.” Through God’s Eyes would be worth a good deal more than the price of the book if it contained either the quotes of others or of Phil’s wisdom. But together, in such an organized, smoothly flowing conversation, the book’s ability to transform your life is priceless.
Richard Chandler, St. Cloud, Minnesota

I’m a simple person, but I simply love this deep thought-provoking book! It doesn’t matter if you only have a minute to read, you will come away with something. It fills your heart and your hands. It’s a HUGE book full of golden nuggets. I keep it on my coffee table because it’s an honor and a privilege to see the world Through God’s Eyes. It’s just that good!
Rhonda Hayes Curtis, Escondido, California

As someone consistently looking for books of inspiration, I feel that I have stumbled upon gold with Through God’s Eyes. Through its simplicity, yet depth, this book promises a lifetime of reflection and introspection, while at the same time inspires present action.

I am grateful for Phil Bolsta to have dedicated such time and care for this unique and valuable book and I offer my highest recommendation for it!
Elizabeth Joy Brantley

I’m in love with your book! I’m not a front-to-back reader; I like to just open it, see where it takes me, and pencil in the date on whatever I read. It’s pretty much been spot on for where I need to be that day! It’s such a fine piece of work; I don’t think it will ever find its way to a shelf but stay on my coffee table permanently. I’m grateful it found its way into my life!
Jill Green, Minneapolis, Minnesota

What a beautiful book: 500+ pages brimming with wisdom, inspiration, truth, and hope. Every page offers the reader new insight and clarity. It is so richly done and so uplifting to read. I am grateful to own this book—reading it brings me closer to God and makes my heart sing.
Theresa Virant, Encinitas, California

Grateful for my new inspiration to be the best me ever! I use this book as a daily devotional. I feel as though I am having breakfast with each philosopher or inspirational soul. My day starts out fantastically positive and I look forward to being the best me I can be throughout the day. When tough times come, reading Through God’s Eyes uplifts me and reminds me of Truths.
Caryn Auriel, Blaine, Minnesota

This is a WOW book. The more I read the more I am in awe of this book. This is an in-depth, creative presentation of issues dealing with spiritual/moral/ethical enlightenment. The author has a definite pattern from the very start of the book wherein he presents his ideas, which are supported by quotes from spiritualists, philosophers, poets, humorists, etc. But this is not a book of quotations. Choose a topic or chapter and it follows with insight and encouragement on how to find divinity in the everyday and in every person. Bolsta ends each chapter with a story and a Question Review that allows you to ponder the compatibility of your life to that chapter. I read twenty minutes of this every night. I foresee a time when people will be quoting Bolsta, not just those souls whose quotes he uses to prove a point. I am so impressed with the author’s journey and willingness to share his treasures with the world.
Tasha Donahue, Cardiff by the Sea, California

This book does an excellent job of boiling down numerous spiritual thoughts, ideas, and works into their fundamental common points. And it does this in a way that is well organized, so despite the complexity of the material, it’s easy to follow and understand. This is one of those books that’s great to keep out on a coffee table or on a nightstand—I like reading a few pages at a time before bed to let things soak in. It’s an interesting, inspiring, and uplifting read by a wise and insightful author.
Sarah Moran, Madison, Wisconsin

In a style that I wish I were much better with, you give a deceptively short and simple presentation of a deep truth, then turn that gem slightly by quoting other truth-givers’ perceptions of that same truth; thereby helping the reader to more easily assimilate it. I love it! It reminds me of how Self-Realization Fellowship matches photos with Paramahansa Yogananda’s quotes in their annual “Inner Reflections” engagement calendar; which is an appropriate title to use in this comparison, as your brevity and the brevity of the following quote are, indeed, inner reflections of one another. I also appreciate the enormous investment of time and energy it must have taken you to create all those match-ups. Further, by reading your excerpts from Chapter 13, I could see that by including your own personal story of learning at the end of each chapter, you have created an overall triangulation for the particular truths which you presented in two ways before; this even lubricating further readers’ ability to assimilate communications, as both triangulation and storytelling calls in right-brain dynamics. Well done!
Myke Smitley, Escondido, California

Many years ago, Caroline Myss, a brilliant teacher, author, and mystic, made an insightful comment. She said, “There is a mystical renaissance happening in the world. We are being called to be mystics out of monasteries.” Myss was correct all those years ago, and Phil Bolsta has written a work of profound mysticism that is sorely needed at this time in history as people are starving for the sacred while walking away from the politics and dogma of religion. Through God’s Eyes is a collection of diverse wisdom, grace, and discernment from Plato, Rumi, Thomas Merton, Alan Cohen, Helen Keller, Meister Eckhart, and many more that includes stories and observations from Bolsta that bring this wisdom down to earth in a sometimes humorous, sometimes painfully honest fashion. As is the case with all great mysticism and truth, Through God’s Eyes is not dependant on a particular religion yet can be read and appreciated by those of all faiths and disciplines—especially those who seek to give the world behind their eyes authority over the world in front of their eyes. Bolsta’s Through God’s Eyes, which is a delightfully thick and heavy book, is an uplifting, beautifully written work that I will refer to and treasure for many years ahead—especially the challenging ones.
Christopher Barbour, Sedona, Arizona

Phil’s book is a wonderful companion for the spiritual journey and psychological/mystical adventure of life. He’s brought so many traditions and perspectives together to add their support for the duration. You can open it anywhere and receive encouragement and inspiration. It’s like a hot cup of tea on a cold night—you just want to keep sipping it.
Rhonda McCoy, Encinitas, California

Through God’s Eyes is a book that can be enjoyed over and over, in short readings or longer readings. Phil Bolsta has designed the book in categories that are easy to read and later reference. It is a compilation of thoughtful, helpful, important wisdom from a wide spectrum of people and authors interspersed with Phil’s own wisdom and thoughtful insights. The readings help keep me grounded and give me reminders to reflect on, live by, and grow from individually and in relationships. It is a book that helps me become a fuller person, enjoy life more, and find peace in a busy world. It is a perfect gift for anyone you truly care about.
Harriet Terry, St. Cloud, Minnesota

Phil Bolsta has created a thoroughly enjoyable road map for anyone who is a seeker. At almost 600 pages, Through God’s Eyes is an over-the-top good read. The book is satisfyingly large, bursting with wisdom, inspiration, and humor on the human condition. The author has an uncanny intuition that threads the quotes of the great ones with his own words that are as insightful and profound as the ones he is quoting. I delight in opening the book randomly and seeing how the quotes and Phil’s engaging narrative speak to my soul and mind at that moment about whatever may be going on in my life. Buy this book as a gift for others; they will thank you for it!
Stephen Kotish, Encinitas, California

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Through God’s Eyes can inspire your moment, your day, your life. This book elevates your mind from the mundane to the sublime. Like a gentle breeze, it lifts the veil that obscures truth, revealing the wisdom of the ages. It is a most valuable guidebook for life.
Eric Christopher, St. Paul, Minnesota

Do you like quotes? Do you like to read about yourself? Of course you do. You are in this book. Pick a page, any page, you are in it. I leave this book on my nightstand next to my Bible. But you don’t have to be Christian or anything else to enjoy it. Famous and not so famous people are here too. They all want to help. You are meant to be here and you have a purpose in this world. I need you, and you definitely need you. We are all in this together. Do yourself a favor, when you are needing a kind word, open up Phil’s book, and find yourself…improving. God Bless you all.
Charles Millis, Laguna Niguel, California

I really like it! The quotes are powerful and the book is organized in a really usable way. Phil writes with a friendly voice, it’s NOT a preachy book! It seems more like a useful reference/old friend that one can revisit over and over, finding exactly what one needs on any given day by simply opening it.
Jeanne, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Not only is this book very, very inspiring, it is well written and put together. Covering every topic the Spiritual Seeker could ever want to see, it has famous quotes that are very uplifting. Definitely a reference spiritual book for your library! I highly recommend it!!
Barbara Roberts, Encinitas, California

I’m enamored with this book. After having read the introductory sections, I’ve decided to use it as a daily morning reading book, just opening it to a section and reading the astonishing collection of wisdom voices Phil has drawn together into this magical tapestry. It’s perfect for a daily “pick a page” reading for guidance and inspiration. Can’t say enough good about it!
Barbara Simila, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan

If I am facing one of life’s challenges, I can read through a section or two of this book and find the inspiration to work through the situation in a positive and wholistic way. I have recommended this book to many of my friends and purchased several copies for holiday gifts.
Diane Merrill, Fresno, California

Like so many unexpected surprises which we encounter on the spiritual path if only we are open to receive the gifts they bring, Phil Bolsta’s Through God’s Eyes found its way into my hands while I was busy postponing following through on an important life-changing decision. I synchronistically opened Phil’s book to the section on “Resisting and Rationalizing,” and it helped me immediately become conscious of my suppression of surrender to Universal Plan. One quote in particular rang loud and clear and true: “There are two kinds of people: those who say to God, ‘Thy will be done,’ and those to whom God says, ‘All right, then, have it your way.’” -C.S. Lewis. Through God’s Eyes is filled with countless such gems, sure to provide clarity, encouragement, and insight when you may need it most.
Robert Poulin, Nashville, Tennessee

I’ve been reading your book, Through God’s Eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful work putting this together. It has helped me tremendously already! You’ve put all this eternal and timeless wisdom and guidance together in one easily accessible volume. I can’t put it down, which is another testimony to its value to each reader, no matter where they happen to be in this common birthright we all share—the spiritual quest of ever-new joy and bliss.
Rick Lineback, Encinitas, California

It’s a big book, so I’m not all the way through yet, but I want you to know that every page is a blessing to me and has helped me with the battles of my life. I continue to recommend the book to everyone in my family and circle of friends! It is more than a masterpiece—it is a life-changing experience to make my way through its pages! I truly believe this book belongs in every library and in every home.
George Fischer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Beautifully done, Phil. I am finding that viewing and listening to the quotes (words spoken by many others through time, not just spiritual masters but other seekers whose words have become quotable) connect me to the commonality of what I seek and question in myself with all others throughout time who have done the same; in that way I feel less alone in my moments of self-examination regarding what I really KNOW and what my heart and soul long for. It’s another reminder that we are all connected and searching for the same things. I don’t really forget that, but your book brings it into a heartfelt experience.
Maynard Evans, Encinitas, California

Phil Bolsta pulls together works from the spiritual masters of all time and weaves them into a book of personal reflection and enlightenment. He provides the reader with food for thought and a way to digest it all. He is masterful in weaving together the words of those who have inspired us throughout the ages, and breathes freshness into how we look at the fabric of those words. Thank you Phil for the amazing amount of work that went into compiling these treasures, and for your ability to help us look at ourselves once again in a whole new light. Don’t just read this book…REREAD this book, over and over and over!
Lori Schneider, Bayfield, Wisconsin

Phil Bolsta has tapped the masters of spiritual thought and woven their beautiful, world-renowned quotes into his inspiring book that gives readers an abundance of nourishing insight as they greet each new day. I really enjoyed the way Phil took his personal stories and life lessons and shared them throughout the book providing opportunities to describe how wide awakenings unfold.
Alliegirl, Centreville, VA

My Book of the Year 2016. If you are on a Spiritual Path or want to be, this is a book for you! I found it to answer so many questions and provide so much assistance to what our souls know to be true. Phil Bolsta has done much research into quotes from many spiritual leaders to help us on our way. This book is a very special blessing. I have been reading it daily and am only halfway through. A lot to think about and meditate on.
Pat S.

This is a great book to have handy. The format is short quotations and insights by a wide array of spiritual teachers. I can open to any page and get a little spiritual nourishment. But the material is also organized by topic so I can also find encouragement on whatever problem I may be dealing with. The book is thick with an amazing amount of material, but each “saying” or quote is short enough that even a two-minute dive into the book and I come up with a helpful pearl of wisdom.
Bob in Philly

It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are, this book can provide inspiration for almost any problem. I only read a few pages a day, but almost every time I would run across a quote that reminded me of something either I or a close friend was dealing with. I would highly recommend getting this book for yourself or a friend.
Jim Barry

I purchased the Kindle edition many months ago. I open it at least once a week to read random spots throughout the book. I have also started at the beginning and read for a while in traditional page by page order. I find it more than “enjoyable.” It is thought provoking, inspirational, and emotionally calming. It leads me to a state of contentment. In praise of the author, he did a marvelous job of collecting worthwhile passages from a multitude of writers and organizing them into topic areas. I find it pleasing to read the combination of thoughts on a given area of spirituality. I’m happy to have waited to write a review because I feel that today, in early 2017, my country (America) is in need of the book’s subtitle, “Finding Peace and Purpose…”
D.S., Amazon Reviewer